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Tours of Edmonton’s finest homes ONLY $ A DV E RT ISING F E AT URE 45 Look for this home on the Citie Home Tour map; ICON PARKALLEN Straw-bale Homes Forever A creative deviation inspired by the experience of temporarily living in a straw- bale farmhouse, this home is a noticeable artistic enclave. The owners did the majority of the construction themselves, including the painstaking task of precisely creating and wiring each straw bale to fit seamlessly between the interior and exterior walls. Home Sponsor World Stone “Rock solid” describes World Stone’s products as well as our commitment to excellent craftsmanship, service and installation. Based in Edmonton’s west end, World Stone is the leading fabricator of counters, fireplaces and showers crafted from enduring granite, marble and quartz. World Stone customers see the full slab and full-colour renderings prior to cutting, which is just one way that we provide the results, value and style that sophisticated builders and their customers demand. Whether you are renovating or building new, beautifully crafted stone is the ultimate finishing touch. Quartz C O U N T E R T O P S • F I R E P L A C E S 780.481.4511 CITIE HOME TOUR  |  2016  granite and marble. • S H O W E R S Rock SOLID.